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Don't let the size fool ya... this bait has some serious little man's complex! Whether it be a Baby Bass.... Frog... fleeting bite sized morsels of baitfish along the top of the water's surface plopping away frantically... that's what this special little topwater bait will replicate and the bass will recognize! It's got some diversity in the "match the hatch" category and emulates a chugging/plopping surface/subsurface comotion that is proven to be undeniable for both active and non-aggressive fish! All in all, it's gonna get you bit and most likely in a BIG way. If you like topwater than don't sleep on this one, it'll quickly become one of your faves in short order! Don't get "caught" without one! 


  • Just under 3" 

    Just over  1/2 oz.

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