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The  Collins Craw has arrived! This particular pattern has been in the works for a long and after a whole lot of tweaks, design alterations and field/on the water testing, we've finally hit a homerun with this awesome looking crawfish shell pattern that will be synonomous with the Clique Baits name and immediately recognizable as one of the all time best big bass catching craw colorways! The Collins Craw is an EXCLUSIVE Clique Baits ORIGINAL crawfish imitiating pattern that was initially developed more specifically for the Sonic Side style of blanks to be painted on and compliments that particular lure perfectly. It can, has and will continue to be painted on other special order/featured baits as well but it primarily is desginated for the Sonic Side style of blanks. 


The Collins Craw comes available in a multitude of color-ways and this particular version is the "Inferno" variation. It's a very popular and effective color that features a vibrant Fire Engine Red that gradients into a deep Ruby/Maroon/Chocolate back and shoulder area while blending itself downward toward the belly with a Goldenrod/Yelllow coloration that ultimately merges itself into a Blaze Orange/Tangerine pigment that agressively stands out while starkly contrasting with the bold black design of the craw shell segments. Topped off with a black splatter around the entire body of the bait and you've got yourself a masterpiece of a crawfish crank that assuredly will catch 'em good and bring you countless memories on the water!


The Sonic Side  body style is a flat sided crankbait that has garnered a whole lot of attention in the industry as of late and for good reason... it was created to fix all of the problems previously associated with flat-sided crankbaits. Delivering unrivaled casting distance and stability at high speeds, the Collins Craw features advanced aerodynamics and precisely placed internal weights that allow it to fly through the air like a bullet and not blow out during fast retrieves. Its tight-pitched wobbling action also makes extremely deadly in cold water conditions and allows it to excel around heavily pressured fish.












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