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This bait has been kept under wraps on the DL for a bit now and figured it's time to share the wealth...

It's got the IndiGill pattern that fish just can't resist! We really got the colorations on this bait right! It's ultra life-like realism and detail seals the deal even on the most finicky and pressured bass. It's a bait that has caught countless fish in all phases of it's development and works decidedly well with largemouth, spotted and smallmouth bass! 

This bait is identical to the Spro Lil John 50 MD


The John Crews Little John MD 50 Crankbait is designed to run deeper than the original Little John at approximately 7-9ft. The body is the same as the original Little John, but the dive bill is plastic, longer and at a different, downward angle. The longer lip helps the bait dive quickly, as well as, reduce hang-ups by helping flip the bait up and over branches. Crews also wanted a durable yet sensitive bait that could be cast long distances with great accuracy. The Clique Baits Small John Crankbait does all this and more.


It's subtle weight transfer system provides the distance and casting accuracy for this small profile bait. The lip design gives it a tight wobble but enough action to aid in cover deflection. The tight wobble allows you to cover water quickly and effectively. Features a weight transfer system that provides excellent casting and helps the lure swim true through open water without rolling over or tracking to the side.


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  •   Length Weight Class Depth
    Small Jon 2-1/2" 1/2oz Floating 7-9ft

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