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This exclusive original Clique Baits custom painted lipless crankbait demands attention! It's coloration guarantees that's exactly what it will get once it hits the water! An excellent choice for stained, murky and muddied waters. Overcast skies or rainy days... this is what ya grab for in your tackle box and for good reason. It's also an awesome Goldfish immitator and we all know how bass just can't resist an easy Goldfish meal! Best part... as opposed to using a live Goldfish, this is actually 100% legal (although as effective as this bait is, we're not so sure it should be lol). And for as long as this bait is legal we seguae into our offidial slogan... Don't get "caught" without one! (but if the law decides this should be illegal then... Still buy one but...  Don't get caught with one! lol


  • 1/2 oz , 2 & 3/4"

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