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CLIQUE BAITS evolved from the exact OPPOSITE of the actual term "clique"... In today's world, especially fishing, there's all too many cliques out there and we wanted to bring something special, something unique, something next level to those who want to compete in Tournaments, Monday night jackpots or 1v1 against your fishin' buddy or simply just against the fish alone... NOT  in popularity contests! The answer... CLIQUE BAITS!

Our custom painted lures are made available to everyone... you don't have to "know somebody" to get your hands on some "hot", "secret" or "that's the juice right there homeboy so keep it on the DL" type of baits... just "clique" the "Add To Cart" button on whatever lures you like and we'll promptly get them out in the mail to ya. Special order paint jobs are certainly possible and are also welcomed as well!

Our mission is to provide high quality custom baits/lures to those who find an appreciation for the craft and the art therein and carry their passion and our products out on the water with them while making memories that will last a lifetime. Be a successful angler, be the one who doesn't need peer approval, be the answer... Be a part of the "CLIQUE"! Most of all... DON'T GET "CAUGHT" WITHOUT ONE!

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