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This PREMIUM, tournament grade Wiggle Wart style crankbait showcases a vibrant and highly visable pattern that bass just can't resist! It's perfect for a "new look" or something you want to stand out that can call bass in from a long ways out. An excellent choice as a "search bait" that hunts somewhat irradically (just the right amount) and in a broad range of water claritiy..,. from crystal ultra clear to dingie/dark/stained/muddy water.... it is capable of runnin hot no matter the conditions and your fish count at the end of the day will be a testament to that! A must have in any serious die hard bass angler's arsenal... catch more fish and cash more checks with Clique Baits.... don't get "caught" without one!


**Side note for all those of you who are die hard wart fans/collectors... if you have a Pre-Repala bait that you've unfortunately had to retire due for whatever reason... chances are we can help! Send an email or give us a call and we'll see if there's the possibility of doing a custom repaint for you! 


  •   Length Weight Depth Class Hook Size
      2" 3/8oz 7-12ft Floating #6

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