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A true CLASSIC! This bait is highly popular clear across the nation and for good reason! It's versatility and fish catching history makes this bait an absolute MUST HAVE in any serious angler's tackle box! What makes this Clique Bait different than the rest you may ask? Well, great question... our bait uses the absolute highest grade of paint available on the market! Only the Japanese can compete with our paint! It's in the details folks! And believe it or not, the details are certainly a major player in our version of this bait! You've heard the phrase "the pictures just don't do it justice!"... well, that holds true for this bait for sure! You have to see it in person to get a full understanding on just how much that statement holds true for the Citron Shad. Once you have this baby in your hands and out in the natural light you'll then be able to witness all it's shimmer and shine and glory! It's got a subtle yet prominent color shifting "sparkle" effect that really gets magnified that much more under the water's surface and fish go bonkers for the coloration and iridesence this bait emulates! Add a rock solid, crystal clear, show room high gloss tough as nails clear coat and outfitted with premium sticky sharp nasty hooks and every element of this bait comes together and is the clear front runner as to why our bait is abolutely one that you should be throwing over the other, inferior baits on the market! Seriously.... don't get "caught" without one!


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