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A truely one of a kind, unique and vibrant topwater waking/pop/prop bait. Calls up fish from DEEP depths and from great distances away. Lots of versatility and action that provokes some of the most viscious blowups you'll ever witness!


The bait has a noisy, wobbling action that creates a big disturbance on the water with the added appeal of a splashing action.

It is a versatile and noisy bait that includes a turning prop and the action of a popper. The size of the bait allows it to cast well and it is easy to work on the surface for those explosive topwater strikes.


LENGTH: 72mm

WEIGHT: 14.0g



The 72mm body of the Jr. model matches the action of the original version and maintains the same great wobbling action and fast response during the retrieve.





Features a unique bill to get water spray and attract bass. It is set slightly upright and this allows you to work the bait around targets.



It features a stainless steel prop customized for Buzzjet Jr. body size. This adds a unique flushing sound and water spray without affecting the movement of the bait during the retrieve.



When utilizing a slow retrieve, the bait leaves a wake on the surface. A faster retrieve will give it a tight wobble as it works along the surface. The added squeaky sound it makes, along with the flushing noise and flash from the prop allow you to draw fish in from large areas.



A slight twitch with a slackline will give it. a great “walk the dog” action with subtle splashes. This is ideal for fishing around overhangs and other shoreline cover.



You can also get the bait to dive slightly with a jerk of the rod. This appeals to bass because of the flushing sound from the prop and bubbles it creates to stimulate a small fish feeding on the surface. The variable weight system shifts so the bait will float from the rear up towards the surface for a unique look.


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    • Length: 2.9 inch (72 mm)
    • Weight: 1/2 oz (14.0 g)
    • Type: Floating.
    • Category: TOPWATER/ Prop Baits.

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