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The "IndiGiz" is a highly detailed baitfish color-way specifically designed for the highly coveted Hinkle Shad clone swimbait. It's primary focus is to have phenomenal drawing power and then when it matters most, have the intricasies of a highly detailed paint job work it's magic and get even the most wary of bass to commit. It's all in the details, and this bait is loaded in that category! Swimbaits all too often get a ton of followers and the idea here was to bring as much realism as possible to the color-way and combined with the well renowned reputation of the Hinkle Shad clone's swim ability, the combination will be too much for a bass to handle and they'll just chomp the thing! A match the hatch approach with award winning realism in ever paint job will assuredly catch you more fish and cash you more checks with the IndiGiz Hinkle Shad clone... a bait both the fish and YOU will want to commit to!


It comes with premium, tournament grade black titanium split rings and 3/0 2X Mustad KVD Triple Grip EWG ULTRA POINT Triple Grip treble hooks. It also will come in a black high gloss display box with wood colored crinkle cut bedding and signed & dated by the custom paint artist Jason Collins of Clique Baits Custom Lures. *A portion of the sale will go to charity.It is "tank tested", hand tuned and runs true right out of the box... No upgrading of components needed. One of the absolute BEST running glides you'll ever tie on! Very capable of pretty much any retrieve or action you impart with it so whatever the condition you're facing, it should easily answer the call.


It's as solid as they come and as top quality as it gets and best of all, you get to OWN ONE AT A FRACTION OF THE COST of an original with a MUCH better paint job to boot!... not to mention not having to wait MONTHS to get yours after ordering. Normal lead times are approximately 2-3 weeks from the date of the purchase as it is, again, custom and the attention to detail that Clique Baits is coveted for does take a little time to ensure you're getting the absolute best bang for your buck.


This clone swimbait, inspired by and in the style of, the original Hinkle Shad (Disclaimer: Clique Baits is in no way affiliated with the Hinkle name, it's brand or it's products) hits every check box an angler could strive for in a trophy bass catching bait and it's only available through Clique Baits! Don't get "caught" without one!


  • CLIQUE BAITS Length Weight Rate of Fall
    IndiGizz 9" 5.5oz SLOW SINK

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