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The Hinkle Shad Jr. Clone custom painted in the Clique Baits exclusive "Prizm Shad" color-way came about more by accident than anything. The color-way was experimental on another blank swimbait that was gifted by a customer. After displaying the end result on all of the Clique Bait's social media, there was quite the apparent demand for this particular iridescent color-way to become a permanent fixture within the Clique Baits lineup!


Making it's debut on the ever popular Hinkle Shad Jr. clone blank, this gorgeous prizmatic effect is saturated across the entire bait, complimented with shading to bring out depth and realism. It's going to prove to be extremely effextive in low-light/overcast conditions and in ultra clear to stained waters. Every action, glide, slash etc. is going to make this bait pop with flairs of holographic colorations that mimick baitfish fleeing and eliciting vicious reaction bites from those ultra hard to catch "followers". It's primary strength is going to be getting those weary bass to commit where they otherwise would not. The Prizm Shad will assist you in catching more fish and cashing more checks.


This clone swimbait, inspired by and in the style of, the original Hinkle Shad (Disclaimer: Clique Baits is in no way affiliated with the Hinkle name, it's brand or it's products) hits every check box an angler could strive for in a trophy bass catching bait and it's only available through Clique Baits! Don't get "caught" without one!


  • Clique Baits Hinkle Shad Jr. Length Weight Rate of Fall
    Prizm Shad 7" 2.2oz Slow Sink/Varies

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