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The brand new "Spot Remover" color-way features a semi transparent paint scheme for ultra realism (especially in clear water) and is primarily encapsulated in a glossy chrome scale effect from it’s midsection up to the shoulder/back area. It is complimented with a chartreuse lateral line that’ll add to the bait’s already highly effective draw power. It’s super slinky glide action will finish it off resulting in catching more fish and/or cashing more checks! 


This clone swimbait, inspired by and in the style of, the original Hinkle Shad (Disclaimer: Clique Baits is in no way affiliated with the Hinkle name, it's brand or it's products) hits every check box an angler could strive for in a trophy bass catching bait and it's only available through Clique Baits! Don't get "caught" without one!


  • Clique Baits Hinkle Shad Jr. Clone Length Weight Rate of Fall
    SPOT REMOVER 7" 2.2oz Slow Sink/Varies

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