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This is an absolute STUNNER of a glide bait! You just simply have to see it in person to get the full appreciation of the detail and beauty this swimbait has! It's realism will draw even the most wary of big bass and it'll surely attract the BIGGEST bass in the fishery of your chosing. Coming in at 7 inches long (from nose to tail) and weighing just a mere 2.2 ounces, this Jr. size Hinkle Shad clone doesn't  need the additional investment of equipment to throw the larger, heavier swimbaits yet it garners all the benefits of the big baits without braking the bank just to cast it! It's a plug and play glide that you'll soon add to your favorites once you witness it's smooth and sultry gliding/swiming action. The Emerald Shad Hinkle Shad Jr. clone is a one that you're not gonna wanna take a risk of passing on, because the big chompers waiting out there, WON'T! Get yours today to be one step closer to getting your newest P.B.!


This clone swimbait, inspired by and in the style of, the original Hinkle Shad (Disclaimer: Clique Baits is in no way affiliated with the Hinkle name, it's brand or it's products) hits every check box an angler could strive for in a trophy bass catching bait and it's only available through Clique Baits! Don't get "caught" without one!


  • Clique Baits Hinkle Shad Jr. Clone Length Weight Rate of Fall
    Emerald Shad 7" 2.2oz Slow Sink/Varies

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