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This topwarter bait gets it's name after exactly what it does... it darts swiftly and eradically which in turn triggers explosive strikes from an aggitated brusier bass in the depths below. It's especially effective with thos "followers" that seem hesistant to strike yet will follow it all the way to the boat....but not with this bait... it straight up pisses them off! If ever you do get a follower, most likely it's because that bass is already committed and has all intentions of using the underside of your boat as a way to pin the unsuspecting lure up against it for an ambush chomp! You can also walk this bait with relative ease and it also chugs and pops the water's surface with it's partially cupped nose-end of the bait. Versatility and effectiveness are what this lure excells at... is there really anything more it "should" do? Bottom line, this bait does it all and is surely one you need in your arsenal. Don't get "caught" without one!

Indiglo Dart Topwater Walking/Popper

  • 4 & 1/4" 

    1/2 oz.

    #4/6 treble hooks

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