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One of the hottest color-ways combined with one of the hottest swimbait blanks makes this beautiful and diverse bait an absolute epic swimbait that you most certainly don't want to sleep on.


The Low-Float swimbait sits lower in the water, subsurface, but just barely, and if on fluorocarbon, the bait will sink ever so slightly. The Lip and Tail on the Bubble Gum Sun Klasher are important pieces of the lure's engineering. Constructed out of ABS Plastic and designed with a keel on the underside, the lip is removable allowing the bait to display different actions based on the users preference. The tail is a dense, durable plastic that fits in the bait securely and will remain in tact throughout it's life span under normal use.


****The swimbait will display very different actions when used with different configurations and retrieve speeds. You can make the Low-Float bait swim with a wide, uniform back and forth sway or a completely unpredictable side to side glide that has seemingly unlimited cadence opportunities:

  • Lip in - Tail up:

Retrieved slow, the Bubble Gum Sun Klasher is your standard wakebait displaying a side-to- side swimming action. If you reel it a bit quicker it will dive like a crankbait or a sub-surface wakebait displaying a uniform action and tight wobble. It's got a rolling action with a really wide swimming motion like a hunting style crankbait. It's definitely something that would appeal to all species of bass and even could work for some monster brown trout.


  • Lip in - Tail down:
    Very unique action - instead of a side to side swim the body rolls back and forth all the while leaving a wake in it's path. Very predictable, uniform swimming action like a standard crankbait, cranks down pretty nicely.
  • Lip out - Tail up:
    This is going to be a walking topwater bait like a spook or frog with a bit more buoyancy and water disturbance. On a straight retrive there's not much action to it, it's going to look like a screw bait or spy bait. It is probably the one configuration that doesn't do much but sometimes that's EXACTLY what they want!
  • Lip out - Tail down:
    This configuration on the Bubble Gum Sun Klasher swimbait will allow anglers to do complete 180 degree turns that are something you have to see to believe! This will become a glide bait with absolutely no predictability - it can and will swim back and forth and then just dart out randomly with no warning. If you impart some twitches or quick reels to it you're gonna be able to do some trick maneuvers that will surprise even the most seasoned swimbait angler.


**Lead times for this bait will vary.




  • Size Length Weight
    Tiny Klasher 6.6 Inches 2.0 Ounces - Low Float
    K8 Klasher 7.4 Inches 2.47 Ounces - Low Float
    K9 Klasher 9.0 Inches 3.5 Ounces - Low Float


    Lip-In will make bait Dive - Upsizing Hooks/Water Temp will cause Slow Sink

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