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This custom painted Collins Gill HD Big Belly glide bait is as real as it gets! The ultra life-like detail and strikingly beatufil colorations make this bait one that will turn heads at the ramp and on the boat and most importantly... in the water when a giant bass lays eyes on it! This bait has been selling like crazy and clear across the nation it's been piling up the catch counts hand over fist daily! It's a staple bait to have in your big bait arsenal and one that draws the biggest of fish from the depths. Not only does it have draw power but due to the realism of the paint job it also closes the deal when it grabs their attention. It can be fished in any lake, river, impoundment, resevoir, etc. and essentially match just about any baitfish anywhere! The diversity and attention to detail this bait possesses is what makes it a must have for the serious, die hard big bass angler!


  • Type Length Weight
    Slow Sink     7.1"    2.5 oz.

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