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This smaller in profile bait may be small but it packs a PUNCH! It is highly versatile and serves as a multitude of presentations. Burn it, rip it, feather it, yo-yo it, slow roll it or just straight retrieve... it does it all ... and does it with high effeiciency and effectiveness. A power/finesse bait all-in-one! It's a standard bait for fishing on the trolling motor or on the banks as an absolut crusher of a bait for pond fishing! This thing is a workhorse!  This bait most definitely is one that our slogan most certainly applies to... Don't get "caught" without one!



○ Vibrating fall action
○ Balanced the head down swimming
○ High castability


  • Length: 2.8"

    Weight: 1/4 oz

    Application: ALL! (Power/Finesse)

    Location: By boat or by land!

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