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When the bass are down deep we've got ya covered! The Collins Gill Mag Deep delivers a wide rolling, wobbling action, and thanks to it’s razor thin diving bill, it descends 10 to 14 feet depending on the length of the cast and line size.  One of the key ingredients to sucessful crankbaiting (especially DEEP crankin') is LONG casts so that you can get, and keep, your bait down into the desired strike zone quicker and longer for maximum crankin' efficiency. The Collins Gill Mag Deep does just that and does all the work for you. Just cast, crank, catch and repeat! Collins Gill Mag Deep is also uniquely engineered to accommodate larger hooks, and comes equipped with two large sticky sharp #2 premium round bend trebles with the option (as it is with all of our baits) to upgrade to Triple Grip or Ultra Point Triple Grip EWG short shank treble hooks.


Wide in profile, but rather silent and stealthy, the Collins Gill Mag Deep has what it takes to fool wary bass in any condition.  Sporting a larger than average profile coupled with the iconic Collins Gill pattern, this weapon of bass destruction demands attention and then seals the deal when the biggins close the distance once they eyeball the realism and detail that this gem posesses. Suited for all ranges of water clarity and spawning/summer/winter phases.... you will forever be prepared for battle .... no matter how deep they try to hide!


  • Clique Baits Length Weight Depth
    Collins Gill Mag Deep 2.75" 3/4oz 10-14ft

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