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This is it, the Collins Gill painted on an Original Rat-L-Trap style lipless bait, named after Bill Lewis' old station wagon and dominating the lipless rattling bait market since its introduction in the late 1960s. Measuring around 3" and weighing 1/2 ounce, the Rat-L-Trap can be fished from fast to slow, shallow to deep and everything in- between.


Lipless crankbaits are well known and justly famous for their ability to cover a lot of water quickly and to produce fish. This classic bait style of bait is one the best known lipless crankbaits. Loud, flashy attention getters, They can be fished in a variety of situations from shallow to deep and everything in between.


Normally fished in a cast-and-crank shallow water situation, they are also effective when allowed to sink to the bottom and burned over deep structure back to the boat. With this method, just position the boat on the uphill side of a point or underwater hump and throw out as far as you can. Let the bait sink to the bottom and start the retrieve up the slope, banging into rocks and other obstructions along the way. It's best known for ripping through shallow grass beds and surprising bad tempered bass waiting in ambush. These baits will get pounded by hungry fish however you choose to fish them. Add the Collins Gill pattern to this legendary style bait and you've got yourself a contender for your next PB!



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