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This is the bait that's generating all the buzz on our social media... and for good reason! Not only is it a sleek, slender and absolutely stunningly sharp looking unique bait, it's also just as good at catching fish as it looks! The swimming action is just as sexy as it's overall visual appeal. A stroking/gliding tail sweep moving side to side while the front portion of the body wobbles in a slightly tighter wobble motion that gives an absolutely irrisistable action and profile bass just can't deny! 


"Walking the dog" with this bait is not only ultra easy but it's aslo one of the BEST walking sub-surface swimbaits on the market today! It has two seperate line tie options. The one on top makes the bait more vertical in it's profile and a more tighter, controlled wobble action (think Rattle Trap but much bigger) and gives of a great, deep knocking style rattle that will bring the big girls up from the depths to investigate this sultry offering! The tie at the lip of the bait is for more vertical retrieves and gives the bait a more swiming style that rocks back and forth while hunting slightly to each side giving the ultimate appeal in presentations that bass just can't ignore! Couple that with the two seperate tail options (large fan tail and pointed cone tail) and you have a plethora (yes, the word plethora was used!) of options to mix and match with which makes this bait ultra versatile and is like getting 3 or 4 baits for the price of one! If you're not throwing one, you're missing out! Don't get "caught" without one!


  • Length: 190mm (7.5in)

    Weight: 56g (9oz) 

    Type: Floating

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