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[****  5 inches -/- 2.1 ounces -/-  sub surface  ****]


As the name implies, we strongly feel this beast of a lure will haul in your next PB! 


The pride and joy of Clique Baits... the PBG is finally here and avaible for purchase! Right off the bat, the pics look good but they just don't do the swimbait it's true justice! This lure has so many angles of viewing... so many color changes and irridescence to it! Talk about BLING! It is by far and away one of the most beautiful and realistic bluegill segmented swimbaits on the market today! Each and every blank is catered to with immense detail for realism and effectiveness. They don't get much more real than this folks! The paint job is a long and tedius one and is protected with the BEST, TOUGHEST, CLEAREST clear coat available to ensure it can take a thrashing by larger than average bass and will get your heart rate skyrocket the moment you feel the ferocious strikes this gem entices! You just simply have to have one in hand, tied on and dedicate the time to throwing it and you'll more than thank yourself for purchasing one... or SEVERAL! Special custom orders for this bait is available upon requst. Email or call for details. 

PBG aka "Personal Best Gill" #005

Out of Stock
  • PBG #005 Swimbait Specifications
    Type Four-piece Swimming Bait
    Length 5"
    Weight 2.1 oz
    Depth Any (slow sinking bait)

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