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The name of this color-way says it all! Kyatchi... Japanese translation = "Catch". And that's exactly what this highly effective pattern was designed to do... CATCH fish! Not just any fish either... BIG FISH! The sheer beauty and elegance this custom painted work of art is truly a collector piece for tackle boxes or mantles, it sure looks amazing wherever it may be stowed! It has two seperate line tie options. The one on top makes the bait more vertical in it's profile and a more tighter, controlled wobble action (think Rattle Trap but much bigger) and gives of a great, deep knocking style rattle that will bring the big girls up from the depths to investigate this sultry offering! The tie at the lip of the bait is for more vertical retrieves and gives the bait a more swiming style that rocks back and forth while hunting slightly to each side giving the ultimate appeal in presentations that bass just can't ignore! Couple that with the two seperate tail options (large fan tail and pointed cone tail) and you have a plethora (yes, the word plethora was used!) of options to mix and match with which makes this bait ultra versatile and is like getting 3 or 4 baits for the price of one! If you're not throwing one, you're missing out! Don't get "caught" without one!


  • Length: 190mm (7.5in)

    Weight: 56g (9oz) 

    Type: Floating

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