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When ya want a little more detail and relism is in order. we've got ya covered. This Yellow Perch imitator sports just enough realism and detail to seal the deal when giant bass are semi committed, (think back to how many times you've seen a "follower" trailing just slightly behind your bait all the way to the boat only to turn down your offering right at the boat and ultimately turning around in the opposite direction and boom, there it is... or actually isn't! An opprtune moment gone just as quick as the opportunity presented itself. If you've been fishing for any serious length of time, you have most definitely enocountered this scenario and this bait here is going to be a great solution for that situation and help you put more fish in the boat. The realism and detail will give those wary bass the added confidence to commit fully to the bait and latch on well before the bait gets anywhere near the boat! This bait can double up as a crank bait and/or a slash/jerkbait as well, giving this beauty added value on top of what already is a steal of a deal!                                                


  • Length: 3.1 inch (78.0 mm)

    Weight: 3/8 oz

    Type: Floating

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