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Another Clique Baits exclusive color-ways... the Diablo Big Belly Shad was created as a follow up to the crazy popular Diablo Shad that ran as a extremely limited run (10 total baits) of swimbaits that brought a new and unique coloration that appeals to big bass and pressured bass as well. It has prismatic effects that make it ultra lifelike and the bold red featured along the spine of the bait really grabs the attention of any bass within it's presence. Any angler worth his salt knows that RED is by far and away the most effect color that gets big fish excited and highly agressive. That was the prime reason for incorporating that particular color on the bait and it delivered as expected! This is a bait you'll want to add to your arsenal for those times where the fish you're fishin' for have seen it all and aren't overly active. Tie this baby on and watch what happens!



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