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Unmatched in attraction and originality, the Frog Pomper provides a one-of-a-kind topwater presentation that fish won't be ready for. This gorgesous bait mimics small amphibians, birds and large bugs as they crawl along the surface. Tackle enthusiasts may be familiar with this type of lure, many Japanese companies have released similar "crawling" topwater baits in the past most often to mimic the Cicada's which are a very popular food source for bass around the world. Designed to tempt bass at the surface, the Frog Pomper is fitted with metal wings that collapse on the cast and then flare out once they hit the water. Made to move tons of water, the flapping metal wings create a noticeable splash and a unique sound that complements the dual rattle chambers. The Frog Pomper creates a noticeable wake along the surface and it's rattle chambers inside are just another added bonus that creates an extra level of attraction.

At the rear, the Frog Pomper features a free-swinging hook holder and a prop blade that generate a heavy gurgling attraction. This forward-thinking design not only creates additional disturbance, but it also eliminates the possibility of a bass using the lure as leverage to spit the hook. Offered in two exclusive original custom color ways (more to come soon!), the Frog Pomper has a big presence that will draws even bigger bites.   



Frog Pomper3"3/4ozTopwater 


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    Frog Pomper 3" 3/4oz Topwater 

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