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It's finally here! The downsized version of the original Hinkle Shad clone that has been ever so popular. NOW AVAILABLE in a more compact model, this swimbait is going to meet more angler's needs for the same amazing draw power and seductive action as the original without having to have upgraded equipment to sling it around out on the water. Most conventional tackle should be suitable for casting and retrieving this awesome glide bait coming in at just 2.2 ounces and 7 inches. 

What's more is the #1 ordered GIZZARD SHAD color-way is available on this stellar swimmer! You're getting all the benefits of a high end, highly sought after swimbait that's almost impossible to get on the secondary market (and if you do they're gonna be EXPENSIVE!), but your also getting the most realistic, high definition baitfish pattern custom painted on it as well... all at a fraction of the price of the original! This clone swimbait, inspired by and in the style of, the original Hinkle Shad (Disclaimer: Clique Baits is in no way affiliated with the Hinkle name, it's brand or it's products) hits every check box an angler could strive for in a trophy bass catching bait and it's only available through Clique Baits! Don't get "caught" without one!


  • Clique Baits Hinkle Shad Jr. Clone Length Weight Rate of Fall
    Gizzard Shad 7" 2.2oz Slow Sink/Varies

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