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This beauty of a wake bait is special in so many ways... first and foremost, this particular blank is no longer mass manufactured and has been discontinued but Clique Baits is still painting it! Secondly, it was painted on the eve of Hurricane Ian hitting land on the Southwestern coast of Florida (where Clique Baits is headquartered)... the pictures just don't do this bait the justice it most certainly deserves. It is 4" long and swims subsurface and has a color shift from deep, rich golds to hues of green and copper like maroons. Accented with a transparent orange for the fins and an iridescent coating along the body for some awesome shimmer appeal. It holds a strong resemblence to a Golden Shiner and may other shad/baitfish! A real gem, a very special addition to the Clique Baits lineup of premium quality custom painted lures!



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