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This is the one that everyone went bonkers over when it first dropped on Instagram and was available exclusively through the Clique Baits IG account. But now it's moved it's way over to the official website and available to the masses! It is absolutely a stunning bait that you just simply have to see in person to really appreciate it's quality and understand it's depth in detail. Pictures just don't and can't do this bait justice. From the precise scaling, to the semi-transparent mid-body and it's iridesence with every slight angle of the bait that gives this bait a prismatic effect like no other bait on the market, it truly is a work of art and a regal addition to any swimbait enthusiasts collection. It not only looks amazing but the same can be said about it's fish catching abilities and the draw power it posesses. See for yourself and do yourself a favor by owning one of these gems!



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