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The saying "Big baits catch big fish" certainly must have been in the blueprints for this monsterous lippless crankbait! Measuring in at just under 5" and weighing 1 3/4 oz. , and loud... and I mean LOUD!!! This bait literally demands attention with it's larger than life profile and quite frankly... ego (if a inadimate object could actually have one) from any predator fish within it's proximity. Featuring a highly polished and flashy holographic "sparkle"... (shh... don't tell this big boy we said it "sparkles"!) and an extra eyelet atop it's back for an added option for line tying (depth and angle of nose down swimming action) or if you're really wanting to go "big", an extra treble hook! 


  • Length: 4 7/8" 

    Height:  1 1/2"

    Weight:  1.77 oz. (with hooks)

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