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This PREMIUM, tournament grade custom painted Wiggle Wart style crankbait is a popular choice among our Clique Baits customers and for good reason... it flat out catches 'em, and looks super pretty while doin' it! It features all the essential natural colorations of a crawfish that bass are absolute suckers for and are always keying in on. Passing on buying one of these is assuredly bad mojo and tells the Bass Gods that you don't want to catch fish and therefore they'll curse ya from catchin' 'em until you do add one to your tackle box. But hey... don't say we didn't warn ya! Don't get "caught" without one!


**Side note for all those of you who are die hard wart fans/collectors... if you have a Pre-Repala bait that you've unfortunately had to retire due for whatever reason... chances are we can help! Send an email or give us a call and we'll see if there's the possibility of doing a custom repaint for you! 


  •   Length Weight Depth Class Hook Size
      2" 3/8oz 7-12ft Floating #6

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