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A simple and yet effective PROVEN color-way that this little compact bass catchin machine continues to haul in the numbers AND quality on any fishery at any time of the year! Although, this bait excels primarily in the Spring and Fall and when water temps are a bit cooler, it's got a crawfish-like appeal that just flat out is effective year round and will make your buddies/competition ask "Hey, whatcha catchin' 'em on?!".... yeah, this is one of them. ;) Don't let it's subtle and plain Jane appearance fool ya... it's a fish catcher and is why it's in our permanent lineup of baits! This is definitely one you don't wanna get "caught" without!


**Side note for all those of you who are die hard wart fans/collectors... if you have a Pre-Repala bait that you've unfortunately had to retire due for whatever reason... chances are we can help! Send an email or give us a call and we'll see if there's the possibility of doing a custom repaint for you! 


  •   Length Weight Depth Class Hook Size
      2" 3/8oz 7-12ft Floating #6

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