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Now this baby has got BIG BASS written all over it! Right now, both the bass AND the perch are schooled up and guess what the bass are chompin on? This little glide swimbait measures in at 4 & 1/2” from nose to tail and will cast a country mile! The swimming action is phenomenal and it looks like a real perch swimming along! It features all sorts of color shifting paint to give it that extra added bit of realism that will most certainly seal the deal on even the most pressured bass on any given fishery. If you’re looking to get on the Fall swimbait bite without going all in with the heavy rods, line equipment etc and don’t want to drop a couple Hundos on a single bait… look no further! Don’t get “caught” without one!


  • 4 & 1/2" 

    1.5 oz

    Slow Sink

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