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A Duo Realis G 87 20A type deep diving crank bait that goes real DEEP! It's made with a serious understanding of aero-dynamics, hydro-dynamics, materials and components, which allows it to reach depths of over 20-feet with minimal resistance and perfect balance.


Featuring a weight transfer system, the Rock City Shad G87 20A deep diving crankbait digs down into the abyss quickly to give anglers the longest possible time in the strike zone. Weighing in at 1.25 ounces and measuring three-and-a-half-inches in length, most anglers would expect the Rock City Shad G87 20A deep diving crankbait to generate a strong drag, but it’s quite the opposite. Thanks to its hydrodynamic build, the Rock City Shad G87 20A deep diving crankbait remains perfectly balanced and can be driven into the deepest, darkest parts of the lake without a hint of labor.


A true pinnacle of lure engineering, the Rock City Shad G87 20A cuts through the air just as easily as it moves through water and consistently delivers 200ft-plus casts with 12lb test.

The Duo Rock City Shad G87 20A deep diving crankbait offers one of the most technologically advanced and well thought-out crankbait designs to ever hit the market.


  • Specs Length Weight Depth Class
    Rock City Shad G87 20A 3-1/3" 1.25oz 19-21ft Floating

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