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You're purchasing a slow sink, 3-5' depth range, 7 inch, 2.4 oz authentic original Spro Chad Shad swimbait made from premium ABS Plastic that has been custom repainted in the ever popular "Clique Shad" color-way by Clique Baits custom painted lures. The Spro Chad Shad glide bait has become an ultra popular choice and staple swimbait for serious big bass anglers within the swimbait community as well as for those who are looking for an "entry level" glide bait that doesn't completely break the bank. With many of the other popular swimbaits on the market coming in at several hundreds of dollars, this swimbait delivers the same high-end performance and fishability at a fraction of the cost. The most common push back on the Spro Chad Shad baits on the mainstream market today is that the default color-ways they originally come in are rather generic and lacking the realism a bait of it's caliber should have and the Clique Baits custom color-way "Clique Shad" repainted on the glide resolves that issue.

The "Clique Shad" color-way painted on this highly sought after swimbait was designed to emulate the stand out features and colorations of a variety of common shad/baitfish colorations all-in-one. Whether you're looking to mimic a Gizzard Shad, Threadfin Shad, American Shad, Blueback Herring, Alewife etc... this pattern uniquely blends them all together with hues of blue, gold, silver, black etc. with the end result being not only a beautiful looking custom painted bait but one that effectively catches more fish and cashes more checks! It's draw power is phenomenal, bringing in the biggins to hone in on it's tracking and with it's ultra life-like paint job it seals the deal making just about any particularly wary, pressured bass commit to it's offering. Whether the water clarity is ultra clear or stained/muddy, it is able to grab their attention and up your odds in boating that fish of a lifetime!


The bait comes equipped with custom black titanium split rings and ultra sticky sharp round bend hooks. An upgrade to Mustad KVD Triple Grip EWG Ultra Point treble hooks is available upon request. In most cases, the bait will be repackaged in it's original Spro Packaging depending on condition of packaging as received originally before taken out of it's package. 


-"Normal" lead times are approximately 2-3 weeks from the date of the purchase. Each bait is custom painted to order meaning they only get painted once they are ordered (please note that the pictures in the listing will NOT be the exact bait... however, the pictures do represent the color-way in which the bait will be painted and will be near identical with what is shown with very small, minimum variances that are rather unnoticeable) which can vary the lead time based on current inventory/stock levels and availability. The baits ship USPS Ground Advantage and include additional complimentary shipping insurance for the value/price of the order so you can have peace of mind knowing that you're covered from start to finish. Due to the nature of the baits being custom, all sales are final unless an outside variable hinders or defects the bait itself. Buyer's remorse is not an option available for a return request. But rest assured every measure is taken to ensure that you receive the absolute best paint job Clique Baits offers and one that will represent what you see in the pictures listed and is backed by our Ebay 100% positive feedback customer service for a quick, seamless and pleasant transaction. Be a part of the Clique. Catch more fish and cash more checks with Clique Baits... Don't get "Caught" without one! 


  • SPRO Length Weight Rate of Fall
    KGB Chad Shad 7" 2.4oz 3’-4’

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